Scam Alert – Buying Items With iTunes Gift Cards

Any customers using gift cards for payment for any goods or service like buying bitcoin on Paxful, concert tickets, loans, IRS payments, etc., is being scammed and using gift cards for these purposes is against our terms of service and against the terms using the gift cards and their prospective stores as well. If the deal you are getting is too good to be true and the person wants payments with gift cards, it is almost certainly a scam. If you are not sure if you are being scammed please email us beforehand. Email

It has come to our attention that some our customers have fallen victim to internet fraud.

Our customers report that the website requests payment for the items with itunes gift cards for physical products. We want to assure you that we ARE NOT ASSOCIATED with any of these websites.

Please be aware of these scams and do not fall victim as many others have.

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